Just finished the audiobook of Herbie Hancock’s autobiography “Possibilities” and what an inspiring read! Now will have to go through my notes and transcribe all the quotes for future references, as well as listen to the recordings that I’m not familiar with. Overall a fantastic book and highly recommended. 📚

Finally new glasses

After sitting on and breaking my previous glasses, and sticking with crap glasses from the supermarket for a while, I finally got new ones. Nice to see again sharply.


Related: when I got my first, and previous glasses, I still was on ADN and posted it there. Seems ages ago.

Also related: the piano looks scratched quite badly.

Should you be in the need of a coffee table and find yourself spare of about 10.000 Lego bricks, then this is for you. It does look rather nice.


Currently listening to the audiobook of Herbie Hancock’s autobiography and it works brilliant as an audiobook, since he is reading it himself. It’s almost like having him over and telling his story. Enjoying it a lot. 📚

I just finished the 70+ hour long The Complete Sherlock Holmes audiobook read by Stephen Fry. It had been a long, but worthy read. I found though that it is somewhat easier to follow one long book, instead of a multitude of short stories, as characters and stories change naturally a lot 📚


A new card game arrived the other day: The Mind. I’m not particularly good with games but look forward to give this a try as the reviews and awards are very positive.



Working late on my standing-desk with re-purposed kids’ toys. Not perfect, but does its job. It’s definitely better for my posture and rather unlikely that I fall asleep 👍🏻


I’m pretty sure they are making this up on the go, but I added another badge to the collection.

For the sake of consistency, and the lack of possibility to change usernames, I have deleted my old Mastodon profile and created a new one. Unsurprisingly the id is now: mastodon.social/@svenseebeck. I should have been that smart to export my previous following list though. Naturally I didn’t.


And another Fitbit badge. 4000 floors. Guess that would be high.