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Joining 500px

Even though it's been around for a while the photo-sharing site 500px is all over the place at the moment. During the last few weeks it was almost impossible to browse through Twitter without noticing that more and more photographers in my timeline started to use it to share their images, or at least are giving it a try.

Long story short: now there's one more.

I learned about 500px some time ago for the first time in an article by Manfred over on German photography blog Zoomyboy and since then I noticed more and more of my friends over on Twitter signing up.

I finally took the plug and signed up myself now and you can find me there under this addy:


As of this moment I have uploaded a few images (for the regular visitor here, these should already be familiar) and slowly get started with the site and added/followed a few familiar faces already. So far, it does make a good impression, if it actually will stick only time can tell.

It definitely is a good alternative to Flickr, which in fact, I never liked, hence the insanely low activity in my stream.

If you are also on 500px feel free to connect with me there.