The first snow. It does feel a bit early, but luckily it will not last long.

I had read about the book but so far haven’t read it myself. This article on Tor surely made me very curious. Considered that I enjoy totally enjoy Neil Gaiman’s work it was a no-brainer. Purchased the book, and look forward to read it.

Despite my initial thought of not switching my blog hosting I did it anyway and the improved site speed is really nice. If I wouldn’t be loading fonts it would be even faster, but I prefer to have nice fonts.

Updating an old iPhone 5s that I had in the book-shelve for years to iOS12. Currently it is running iOS 9.3.3 Even though I need to connect the phone to a computer, it is amazing that this is at all possible. Wondering how it will work afterwards.

Had a great rehearsal with the OASBB featuring the great Jukka Perko and Jukka Eskola performing Jazz Noir composed and conducted by Jussi Lampela. That is going to be a fun concert tomorrow.

OMG, OMG!  iA Writer Settings -> Editor -> Hardware Keyboard -> Hide Keyboard Bars 👍🏻 Was this always in there on iOS? Either way, awesome that it is.

Totally unrelated: I have switched from Inoreader to Feedbin. Have done this plenty before, but now have the feeling I might acutally stick with it. After simply removing all the feeds that mostly cluttered my reading list, instead of relying on filters to weed out the croft, I enjoy the much calmer and nicer interface to read. Makes my morning routine (and every other one that follows through the day) much nicer.

I totally want this: Lego Porg. This should be looking great next my BB-8.

My oldest daughter turned 16 today, which is a great reason to celebrate. Related: cake for breakfast is amazing.

I’m probably late to the game, but private and encrypted messaging based out of Europe sounds 👍. Wire definitely looks interesting.